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Oova 101: How Mental Health Is Related to Fertility

12.19.2021 / Isabella Brown
Oova 101: How Mental Health Is Related to Fertility

How are mental health and fertility linked? We asked experts to explain the link and share some anxiety and stress-reducing tactics.

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How is mental health related to fertility?

Doug and Jesse, founders of Uniquely Knitted, are dedicated to supporting the fertility community through the hardships they face through support groups and resources. 

Their non-profit works to help heal the traumas of infertility and end isolation people navigating infertility may face.

"Mental health is so important because no matter how your journey plays out, no matter where it ends, you will still be here at the end of it," Jesse says.

How to feel your best mentally

Michelle Oravitz, an acupuncturist and herbalist who specialized in fertility, shares some tips for how to feel your best mentally. She explains a few strategies that relieve stress and alleviate the feelings of anxiety.

Focus on your body, not your thoughts

When our mind is racing, it can be heard to give ourselves the space we need to try and ground ourselves. Pay attention to your body and bringing your mind from your thoughts to sensations:

  • Close your eyes: Block out all visual surroundings and focus on how your body's feeling.
  • Focus on breathing: When we're stressed, we breathe short and fast, but when we're calm, we breath deep and slow. Take big, deep breaths.
  • Give yourself a mental mantra: We can practice this along with our breathing. When you breathe in, say "I am," and when you breathe out, say, "calm."

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