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Getting pregnant shouldn’t feel like a lottery

Getting pregnant shouldn’t feel like a lottery

Meet Oova: the first at-home ovulation tracker that takes the guesswork out of trying to conceive.


Demystify your fertility in three steps

How the Oova test works

How the Oova test works



Capture your precise levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and progesterone in one cartridge. Remove the need for a blood draw.


Use the Oova app to scan your cartridge. Within minutes, Oova translates your results, providing clear explanations about what your hormones are saying.


Receive actionable guidance from the Oova app each day to prepare your body to conceive. Seamlessly track your progress and share data with your doctor.

Taking control of my fertility

Taking control of my fertility

Oova provided me with the same results as a blood test, but I was able to do it at home.
Successful pregnancy after using Oova

Insights about your body

Insights about your body

I only used Oova for two cycles. In the second cycle, I got pregnant. It was nice to see the actual hormone percentages.
Pregnant within 2 cycles

Unmatched Technology

Unmatched Technology

Oova helped me piece together that I had low progesterone and a short luteal phase so I could talk to my doctor about to do.
Pregnant after several months using Oova

unparalleled insight

Unlock fertility support with the membership

Subscribe to the Oova Membership to save $30 monthly on your Oova tests. Plus, receive access to unparalleled support to help you navigate your fertility journey.

With our membership, you gain access to:

1. hormone tracking,
2. expert consultations
3. an exclusive peer community.

We're here to support you every step of the way.

get to know you better

Try the free Oova tracker app and take action.

The Oova app is free for download and available on Android and iOS. Even if you aren’t using the Oova Kit, our digital platform allows you to track key data points about your period, symptoms, diet, and exercise activities.

Keep tabs on your cycle and hormone patterns. When you’re ready to learn more, the Oova app helps you order your first kit.

The at-home fertility test that doctors trust

Oova is the only fertility solution of its kind designed by doctors

"As a parent-hopeful, I experienced the strain of unreliable consumer products.

I invested years of research and development to launch a lab-quality solution – enabling providers to be in true harmony with their patients for the first time ever.”

– Dr. Aparna (Amy) Divaraniya, Founder & CEO.

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