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Oova 101: How To Be Your Own Advocate

12.21.2021 / Isabella Brown
Oova 101: How To Be Your Own Advocate

How does advocacy relate to fertility? 

Advocacy is an important part of fertility to ensure you're getting the care you need.

"Empower your fertility story with clarity and confidence," Lauren Haring, fertility nurse and the founder of Embrace Fertility, says. 


How to be your own best advocate

Haring shared a couple of tips for how to best advocate for yourself along your fertility journey.

Ask questions

You have the right to understand what you're about to undertake, your medicine, and what to expect about your care, Haring says. Not knowing what's happening can cause unnecessary stress — which isn't helpful to your fertility journey.

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Set up a support system

Whether it's a family member, friend, spiritual leader, or someone else you trust, set up a support system before so you know who you can reach out to and ask for help.

Check out Haring's full video on advocacy and fertility:


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