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Holiday Toolkit Day 10: Self Care

12.22.2021 / Isabella Brown
Holiday Toolkit Day 10: Self Care

We asked members of the fertility community how they practice self care. Check out their responses for inspiration!

"One way I practice self-care is taking time every morning to sit in silence, with no phone or distractions. I simply think about what I want to achieve and get out of 'today'. I find it helps me feel clear and focused. Staying unplugged first thing in the morning (and evening), has also been so beneficial for my mental health. Setting healthy routines and boundaries are great ways to practice self-care." - Cheryl Dowling

"My biggest tip for practicing self-care is saying NO. I know a lot of women who say the same and say it's a rule to live by, but I see it in action far less often. I am screaming loudly that it's MORE THAN OK TO SAY NO! During my own six-year infertility journey, I become so sensitive to others' comments and questions that I had to simply say no to attending events or spending time with people who made me feel depleted. While I am now on the other side of my infertility journey, I keep this rule in play at all times!" - Abbe Feder

"I take an hour each weekday morning to move my body. Spin class, at home workout or a jog, I make it a priority in my day and I feel so much better the rest of the day because of it." - Erin Bulcao

"Sticking to a morning routine to start my day off right - this has made a huge impact for me. I shower, do my skin care routine, get dressed and do my hair/makeup - it’s like hitting refresh every morning I like to say!

Every night I make a mental note of things I am grateful for, things I am hopeful for, and acknowledge things I am still healing from. Its a good way to mentally cleanse yourself from the day. I like to do a version of this with my daughter as well - ask her what made her happy today, what the hardest part of her day was, what she’d like to do tomorrow and what she is thankful for." - Caitlyn O'Neil

"My self-care tip is to be intentional about setting aside time to do what you truly enjoy. That may mean scheduling it into your daily routine, writing it in your planner, and/blocking out time on a weekend. Self care is more than an activity. It's a mental, physical, and emotional experience that should leave you feeling better than when you started. However that manifests for you is unique to your needs and my evolve over time. For me, I like to get my nails done, shop, get a massage, meet friends for happy hours, spend time with my family, and even play video games when I take time for self-care. All of these things make me feel good!" - Dani Wade

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