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Give your patients unprecedented fertility care

Provide remote guidance with the first hormone measurement tool that captures home urine testing in real time - reporting on a HIPAA compliant dashboard for you, and an app for patients.
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Oova helps you give better care

Instantaneous results
Instantaneous results
With the first urine test that measures LH and progesterone, Oova reports precise results in real time on the provider dashboard and patient app—so no one ever misses a fertile window or is stuck anxiously waiting.
More fertility answers from day 1
More fertility answers from day 1
Learn more about patients from the start—from cycle length, to egg release patterns, to potential issues—regardless of regularity. This enables you to give personalized care and focus your testing.
Effective, non-invasive treatment
Effective, non-invasive treatment
Fertility is elusive for many, but it doesn't have to be. Oova's hyper-transparent insights allow patients to confidently transition to IVF; no more unnecessary in-clinic samples and painstaking frustration.

Clear reporting through the HIPAA compliant dashboard


Precise hormone measurements

Capturing accurate, quantified hormone data every day, Oova removes the subjectivity of traditional tests and trackers. View alongside patient inputs for a full fertility health picture.


Powerful trend analysis

Oova analyzes cycle trends over time and supplies deep insight, identifying fertile windows, egg release, period, and more for providers to track progress.


Data-driven recommendations

Recommendations for additional treatment and diagnostics, and the ability to message patients directly make personalized guidance easy.

Designed by clinicians, researchers, and engineers

As parent-hopefuls and fertility professionals alike, we experienced the need for accessible, accurate testing, and the strain of unreliable consumer products. So we invested years of R&D to launch a lab-quality solution—enabling providers to be in true harmony with their patients for the first time ever.

Dr. Aparna (Amy) Divaraniya,
CEO & founder

Jerome Scelza,

Backed by Mount Sinai Hospital

From doctors, for doctors

From doctors, for doctors

Any time you can give the patient more data without leaving her home, it's a good thing. My patients love the convenience and insights Oova offers.
Serena H. Chen MD
IRMS at St. Barnabas Hospital

From doctors, for doctors

From doctors, for doctors

Oova is the best at home tool on the market for women TTC. The accurate hormone level readings provide women with detailed insight into their fertile window, the efficiency of their ovulation and the health of their luteal phase.
Aimee Raupp M.S. L.Ac.
Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers
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