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Oova 101: How Workouts Can Boost Your Fertility

12.16.2021 / Isabella Brown
Oova 101: How Workouts Can Boost Your Fertility

Is there a relationship between exercise and fertility? Yes! We asked experts how working out can help boost your fertility.


How does yoga boost my fertility?

Heidi Brooks is a certified fertility yoga instructor and a fertility doula. We asked her how yoga and movement impact fertility. 

Brooks says that yoga can boost your fertility for two main reasons: 

  • MovementRegardless of fitness level you're at, movement is a great way to boost fertility.
  • Reducing coritsol levels: Because yoga is relaxing, it can help reduce your stress levels — which can boost your fertility. "Let's calm down together!" Brooks says.

How does working out boost my fertility?

Regular, moderate exercise can help you to increase your chances of conception because:

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Studies show that exercise can reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility. Physical activity can help the body manage blood sugar levels, which keeps insulin at proper levels. Exercise can also help fight inflammation, keep androgens at appropriate levels, and reduce stress.  

Dr. Debbra Keegan, a fertility doctor at IRMS, shares why she loves to exercise: 

"Any workout that gets you going is going to improve fertility and your general health," she says.

Learn three easy ways to exercise at home.

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