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The Three Pack


Dedicated to your fertility goal? Get enough test strips to monitor for three cycles and save over $130!  Save time, money, and stress when you buy Oova's three month pack.

FDA registered/ FSA/HSA compatible/ HIPAA compliant

The Oova Three Pack includes:

  • 45 urine test strips, stand, and handle
  • Mobile app with precise hormone readings & explanations
  • Medically-trusted cycle reports & daily action plans
  • Free standard shipping

The Three Pack

Get the data to learn about your fertility

The average Oova user gets pregnant in three cycles.

Monitoring with Oova for three cycles provides ample information to fully understand your fertility. Get actionable steps, reports, and guided tips to take control of your journey.

Three cycles of data gives you the insight you need to reach your goals.

Get months of lab-grade data in the comfort of your home

Oova is a urine test that measures two key fertility hormones. Exact hormone measurements and our smartphone app work together to allow you to fully understand your fertility. Our algorithm gets smarter over time- after three cycles of using Oova, your cycle patterns become more clear, and your recommendations become even more personalized.

Actionable steps become smarter each cycle

Tells you exactly what to do, and why

Hormone readings include action plans that evolve with your fertility. When you use Oova for three months, your reccomendations are even more personalized, as our algorithm gets smarter each cycle.

The whole picture

Armed with three months of data, you can fully understand your fertility.

Cycle reports uncover the exact time and length of your luteinizing hormone and progesterone surges, follicular and luteal phases, and period. Smart predictions tell you when it will all happen again. You can also log personal data, from blood flow to sleep.

Why test for three months?

Learn patterns and variations
Learn patterns and variations
Variations happen but patterns can still be detected. By monitoring for an extended period of time, Oova can learn the nuances of your body.
Comforting certainty, not fertility gambling
Comforting certainty, not fertility gambling
Oova’s breakthrough technology enables true ovulation confirmation. With three cycles of data, you'll know your hormone trends and exactly what they mean for your journey.
Reports your doctor actually trusts
Reports your doctor actually trusts
Oova was designed by doctors to generate lab-quality results, so you can have valuable conversations. Are your treatments working? See how your hormones get impacted as you modify your treatment plans.

Ask our doctors:

Ask our doctors:

Why measure luteinizing hormone and progesterone, not other hormones?

“Lutenizing hormone pinpoints your fertile window and progesterone confirms if an egg was actually released. They’re the two most important hormones involved in conception. Instead of an isolated view of one of these hormones—what most fertility products offer—Oova measures the valuable interaction between two, unlocking unprecedented hormone visibility.”

Ask our doctors:

Ask our doctors:

Why is it important to measure fertility over time?

“It's important to understand how female fertility changes over time. As we age, egg quality and quantity decline. This results in changes in cycle length, the amount of bleeding, and decreases the chance of establishing pregnancy. Oova can track significant hormone changes unique to each woman and cycle. This knowledge can help us make informed and empowering decisions about our reproductive lives and help us understand the changes our bodies undergo.”

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