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The Oova Refill

Our fertility translator uses urine testing and an app to give you lab-quality hormone readings that reveal personalized steps to get pregnant.

FDA registered/ FSA/HSA compatible/ HIPAA compliant

The refill includes

  • 15 urine test strips/month
  • Mobile app with precise hormone readings & explanations
  • Medically-trusted cycle reports & daily action plans
  • Free standard shipping. Refills are sent right to your door. Cancel anytime (Subscription only)

The Oova Refill

Select a Frequency

Daily Updates

Teaches you more with every scan

Once you use your strip, grab your phone to scan (it’s just like taking a photo). Oova interprets your precise hormone levels to show patterns and changes that teach you more about your fertility every day.

Comprehensive fertility testing

Measures the same hormones your doctor would

Oova is the only at-home test that measures the hormone dream team—luteinizing hormone and progesterone. That means it’s the first to pinpoint your fertile window and confirm ovulation in one test.

More visibility

Analyzes your cycle, revealing trends and predictions

Cycle reports uncover the exact time and length of your luteinizing hormone and progesterone surges, follicular and luteal phases, and period. Smart predictions tell you when it will all happen again. You can also log personal data, from blood flow to sleep.

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