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The Girlfriend Pack

$249.99   $319.98

The Girlfriend Pack includes TWO complete Oova Kits. This pack helps women break down the barriers of silence and isolation that many feel while struggling with infertility. With this pack, two users track their cycles together, share experiences, and know that they’re not alone. 

FDA registered/ FSA/HSA compatible/ HIPAA compliant

The Girlfriend Pack includes:

  • 2 full Oova Kits (15 urine test strips x 2, stand x 2, and handle x 2)
  • Mobile app with precise hormone readings & explanations
  • Medically-trusted cycle reports & daily action plans
  • Free standard shipping

The Girlfriend Pack

Infertility can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be

Building a community when it matters most

We created The Girlfriend Pack so that women can team up with a friend, family member, or loved one on their fertility journeys. We’re working to open up conversations about infertility, reduce the stigmas, and normalize all journeys to parenthood.

Everyone saves

Get two Oova starter kits and the whole team saves.

The Girlfriend Pack contains two Oova Kits for $249.99 (that's over $70 in savings!). With The Girlfriend Pack, both you and your friend save, while supporting each other every step of your fertility journeys.

More clarity

Merge actual hormone data with a reliable support system

Oova quantitatively measures luteinizing hormone and progesterone, allowing you to track, predict, and confirm ovulation. Using your data as a guide, our app provides personalized daily action plans to help you reach your goals. With the additional support of your girlfriend, you're setting yourself up for success!

Lift each other through the process

Don't suffer in silence

When your body isn't working like you thought it would, it can be debilitating. The Girlfriend Pack lets you connect with a friend, so you can both be open about the rollercoaster of emotions. Knowing that you're not going through this alone makes a world of difference. Let's end the stigma and silence surrounding infertility, and uplift one another through the journey.

Why test with Oova?

Get your exact hormone measurements
Get your exact hormone measurements
Oova is the only tool that quantitatively measures two key fertility hormones. Our app lets you know exactly what your levels mean.
Comforting certainty, not fertility gambling
Comforting certainty, not fertility gambling
Oova’s breakthrough technology enables true ovulation confirmation. Oova measures LH, which helps pinpoint ovulation, and progesterone, which confirms that an egg was actually released.
A built in support system
A built in support system
With The Girlfriend Pack, you get Oova's measurements, predictions, and recommendations, alongside a friend, to support you the whole way.

Why test with a friend?

Why test with a friend?

Why is it important to have a support system also experiencing similar struggles to you?

"The one thing I always say, which comes from the Mind Body Institute at Harvard is that women in support groups are twice as likely to fall pregnant as those who are not.

It's quite compelling."

Why test with a friend?

Why test with a friend?

Is a support system really important?

"Research shows that most women struggling with infertility suffer alone and in silence. Research also shows that those that open up to others report a more positive experience that those that don't. It takes a village on what truly is a journey and it's important to build your village to let others hold space for your unique needs during this time."

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