For us, it’s personal.

Becoming pregnant is a defining moment of your life. When issues arise, it can cause anguish, depression and strain your relationships.

We know this first hand.

Our founders, Amy and Jerome, created OOVA because they were frustrated with the current options available to women who were trying to get pregnant.

The facts that inspire us:

1 in 8

1 in every 8 couples struggle to get pregnant in the USA.


Only 16 states offer some insurance coverage for infertility treatments.


Approximately 5M women will experience difficulty getting pregnant each year in the USA.

Meet Amy & Jerome

Amy and Jerome had individual struggles having their children so they were inspired to do something about it.

Their mission at OOVA is to help women better understand their health, why they are having trouble conceiving, and what can be done about it.

Dr. Amy Divaraniya

Co-Founder, CEO

Jerome Scelza

Co-Founder, CTO

Advisory Board
Dr. Joel Dudley

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Alicia Jackson

Chief Technology Advisor

Dr. Deeraj Lingutla

Medical Advisor

Ed Rowland

Business Strategy Advisor

Dr. Christine Becker

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Kipp Johnson

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Riccardo Miotto

Scientific Advisor