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More About Predictions

Oova's platform is built upon a proprietary machine learning and AI algorithm that gets even more powerful with every piece of additional information entered into it. This directly fuels the predictions our algorithm makes for your cycle and daily action plans.

Daily Action Plans

At Oova, we believe that fertility needs to be looked at holistically. For this reason, we have constructed daily action plans that consist of a single item in nutritional health, physical health, and emotional wellness. Daily action plans are provided every day, regardless of whether an Oova test is scanned or not.

The Oova team worked closely with clinicians to curate the daily recommendations you see in your app. The clinical team consisted of reproductive endocrinologists, general endocrinologists, obstetricians/gynecologists, naturopathic doctors, general practitioners, life coaches, physical therapists, and clinical psychologists. We scoured the literature and hand curated each action plan to be tailored towards the information provided by you in our app. 

Here are some of the sources we used to compile these action plans:

Cycle Predictions

Once you register in the app, the algorithm makes predictions for your next two cycles. You can view these in your calendar.

Predictions are displayed through lighter colored indicators representing key days of your cycle - your period and your fertile window. You will also see certain days circled in a hollow circle which specify the days the algorithm is suggesting you scan an Oova test.

Predictions are only meant to be a guide to your planning. Any data collected that disagrees with our predictions will be taken as truth and override any predictions. It is important to us that we do not force you to fit any mold determined by our algorithm. By allowing the data to take priority, we ensure that we are learning your personal fertility profile and are able to provide personalized results.