Fertility is no longer 
a black box.

OOVA empowers you to make informed decisions about your fertility by providing personalized information on your health, hormones and menstrual cycles.

What makes OOVA so different?


less expensive than the leading direct-to-consumer lab test

10 min

vs 10 days to get the same results from a lab


the information provided by our kit vs other fertility products

Measure your hormones with clinical precision (minus the clinic).

Fusing modern analytics with advanced nano measurements, OOVA can measure, track, and predict ovulation cycles - all in the privacy of your own home. Over time, OOVA becomes smarter and learns the nuances of your reproductive cycle to make personalized recommendations and help you reach your fertility goal.

Here's how it works:

Using OOVA's innovative technology and your smartphone, analyze daily urine samples to establish a personalized hormone profile.
Every woman is different. OOVA pinpoints your best days to conceive and confirm ovulation for each cycle.
Get daily action plans and personal recommendations to help you take control of your fertility journey.

Born out of science and innovation

OOVA is developed in partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital and Thorne Research by career scientists with with over 15 years of combined experience.

Order your kit today, and take control of your future.