Frequently Asked Questions


What is OOVA?

What is OOVA?
OOVA is a diagnostic test that measures two hormones - luteinizing hormone and progesterone - from daily urine samples. With the use of the smartphone app, OOVA is able to track your hormone levels over time and learn your personal fertility profile to make recommendations on your most fertile days and confirm ovulation occurred within a particular cycle.

Is OOVA right for me?

If you have irregular cycles or regular cycles, then OOVA is right for you. OOVA aims to learn each woman’s personal fertility profile allowing for it to work for all women.

How is OOVA different from period tracking apps like Clue?

OOVA measures two hormones to detect what is happening throughout your menstrual cycle and recognize when you’re entering your fertile window in real-time. OOVA allows you to track similar traits as the other apps but combines that with hormone measurements to learn your personal fertility profile.

Regular Use of OOVA


What happens if I don’t use the first urine after my longest sleep?

You may get unexpected results. Test as soon as you can after you wake up.

I’ve not seen any High Ovulation days. Why is this?

It may be that your LH levels are not exceeding your baseline as much as expected. You may still see Peak Ovulation without a reading of High Ovulation. OOVA is learning your hormone trends every day and will get smarter from the data collected this month.

I have not seen any Peak Ovulation days. Why is this?

Your LH surge may not be exceeding your baseline as much as expected or you may not have ovulated this cycle. This is not unusual but we recommend you see your physician if you do not see Peak Ovulation for 3 consecutive cycles.

Can any medication or medical conditions affect the results?

Certain medical conditions and medications can give misleading results, for example, if you are pregnant or have recently been pregnant, have reached menopause, have impaired liver or kidney function, or are taking fertility drugs. Let us know if you have any of these conditions through the daily log feature in the app so our algorithm can help you get smarter about your fertility.

How do I dispose of the cartridge?

When you have finished using a cartridge, eject the cartridge from the holder and dispose of it in your regular garbage bin.

Are test cartridges available separately?

Yes. You can order a refill kit directly from OOVA’s website at Alternatively, you can sign up for our auto-refill program and receive a discount on each month’s kit.

I’ve used OOVA for several months and haven’t become pregnant. Why is this?

It can take normal healthy couples many months to achieve a pregnancy. We recommend that you see your physician if you are under 35 years and haven’t become pregnant after trying for 12 months. If you are over 35 years you should see your physician after trying for 6 months, and if you are over 40 years see your physician right away.

Once I get a High Ovulation result, what should I do?

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should start having intercourse! You are most likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse within 24-36 hours after you get a High Ovulation result.