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Who Should Use OOVA?

03.30.2020 / Dr. Amy Divaraniya
Who Should Use OOVA?

Put simply, OOVA is made for any woman: whether she has a period, doesn’t have a period, wants children now, or isn’t sure yet. It’s made for any woman with a menstrual cycle who wants to learn about her body. 

Specifically, OOVA was built for women who are trying to get pregnant and want to pinpoint the exact days to conceive. OOVA is able to locate these exact days with groundbreaking precision. Through daily urine tests, OOVA quantitatively measures progesterone and luteinizing hormone. This allows OOVA to not only measure and predict ovulation, but also to confirm that an egg was released. Confirming ovulation is helpful for all women, but especially for those later in life. 

OOVA was designed for women with irregular cycles. Most tests on the market today are designed for women who have “perfect” cycles”- and really, what does this mean? Perfect doesn’t exist, and OOVA acknowledges this. OOVA works for women who have irregular cycles because it tests for baseline hormone levels. Women can have differing baseline hormones for a variety or reasons. They can be super high, super low, or somewhere in between. OOVA detects fluctuations in personalized hormone levels.

Whether a woman has PCOS, or a period once or twice a year, OOVA is able to measure fluctuations through highly personalized testing. No woman’s cycle is perfect, and OOVA celebrates this. 

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