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The OOVA Story

08.19.2019 / Dr. Amy Divaraniya
The OOVA Story

Getting pregnant isn’t as easy as we thought.

Early sexual education taught us that sex equals pregnancy, but the truth is many of us have, or will experience difficulty getting pregnant.

It’s not uncommon to hear, "My sister has already gone through two rounds of IVF" or "One of my close friends has been having a tough time getting pregnant" or even, "Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been trying to get pregnant for months and nothing seems to work."

The reality is, many women lack important knowledge about their health, hormones, and cycles.

It’s important that we educate ourselves on the “why” and “how” of pregnancy, in order to best overcome fertility challenges. 

Infertility is a growing challenge

Infertility is becoming more common as women make the decision to have children later in life. Women are finally being treated as equals: we’re focusing on our education, landing fantastic jobs, and rising to upper level positions. Our careers and finances are priorities, and growing a family logically takes second place. When we’re ready to be moms, we find ourselves in our early to mid-30s and our bodies are just not where they were five to ten years ago. 

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When you’re ready, you’re ready...

By the time we decide we want to be moms, we jump right in to using whatever tools we can find. We take our body temperature religiously every morning. Going to the bathroom becomes a routine chore of peeing on a stick and waiting anxiously for the line to appear. Sex is now an important task to fulfill and not that exciting thing we used to look forward to.

Much worse, these are tasks that are now part of a stress-heavy job of mapping out exactly the when, where and how we should have sex to meet our goal of getting pregnant. 

...Yet the options available today just aren’t cutting it.

Thanks to some advancements, today women can take their body temperature every day and instead of writing it in a notebook, we can sync it with an app. Or, we can use daily ovulation test strips, timestamp them, and try to visually compare the darkness of the lines. However, we deserve better. And it starts with the right technology to help us in this important journey.  

Introducing OOVA

Realizing modern technology had not been applied to women’s healthcare, Amy Divaraniya developed the idea for Oova. Amy, a PhD in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on Genetics and Genomics from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, decided this needed to change.

While struggling through her own journey to become pregnant over 18 months, she was shocked by the lack of precise, science based fertility options. She worked with her co-founder, Jerome Scelza, an engineer with more than ten years of experience, and determined that they could apply recent technology innovations in the fertility space and make a monumental impact.

Amy’s own experience of an irregular cycle and use of tools that did not help her drove her to develop not only the right technology, but one that would go a step further than any others had gone thus far — to track multiple hormones and create a personalized fertility profile to indicate specific moments in her cycle. 

Oova’s mission is to help women achieve their fertility goals by providing them with accurate and easy to use advanced technology, allowing them to learn about her body. Fusing modern analytics with advanced nano measurements, Oova introduces the first product that can measure, track, and predict with groundbreaking precision.

What makes Oova different 

Most other fertility products don’t get smarter by the day. Oova was designed to go beyond measurement and track daily hormone levels, analyze the data, and offer authoritative advice on medical issues that may be affecting an individual’s fertility.

Oova provides useful data that puts women on a path to getting answers. Now we can know where we can go and what our options are. 

We’re excited to bring this innovation and many more in the future to all women who are ready to begin this journey. 

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