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OOVA's Response to COVID-19

04.19.2020 / Dr. Amy Divaraniya
OOVA's Response to COVID-19

We live in truly unprecedented times. The COVID-19 public health crisis has exerted an enormous amount of pressure on our healthcare system and interrupted so many already difficult fertility journeys. We are inspired by the efforts of others to do “something”, anything that can alleviate the pain of the women who feel isolated, devastated, and powerless and give them tools to regain control.

Today, I am proudly announcing that OOVA will be available to these women, now. By applying modern lab-grade technology to women’s health, OOVA enables women to measure, track and predict two key hormones - luteinizing hormone and progesterone - daily to create a precise, and truly personalized, fertility profile.

We intended to launch OOVA later this year. But as fertility clinics are advised to cancel or postpone treatment, many women are being asked to wait even longer to grow their families. I know from personal experience how deeply devastating being told to wait is and can relate to the need for action. With that passion driving us, we have decided to make OOVA available earlier than planned.

When we started OOVA three years ago, we set out to empower women to take control of their fertility. For us, this meant a science-based, easy to use advanced technology, capable of offering the precise data necessary for their success. We have been piloting our device and because it's efficacy is so high, we decided to release it to the community to help during these extraordinary times. The product isn’t beautiful yet. But it works. It will help women gain daily actionable knowledge on their reproductive health and remain informed of their health and fertility. OOVA offers the perfect bridge between today and the time when women can kickstart or resume their fertility treatments. They can go to their doctors armed with valuable data and empowering knowledge about their body.

Our Origin Story

OOVA was founded in August 2017 as a spin out from Mount Sinai Hospital. The idea for OOVA stemmed from my own struggles trying to get pregnant with my son. I’ve always had irregular cycles, so I anticipated the journey to be difficult. I used every at-home tool available to me and was frustrated by the lack of precise options on the market. After 18 months of collecting data, I hadn’t gained any new insight into my body. With all the advancements in modern technology, I knew there had to be a better solution. Women simply deserve better. So much better.

Jerome, my co-founder and OOVA’s CTO, and I spent the ensuing months mapping out our ideal offering - a non-invasive, science-based technology to accurately measure hormones in the privacy of a woman’s home. The insights provided had to be completely personalized since we wanted to embrace every woman's individuality. We did not want samples mailed to a lab. We did not want blood to be involved. We did want our results to be clear and trusted by medical professionals. After nearly three years of intense R&D, validation testing, and user testing, OOVA was born – the first at-home fertility diagnostic that measures two key hormones to define a woman’s personal fertility profile with lab-grade accuracy. We are pleased to have built a product that is being championed and embraced by women's health specialists.


The Road Ahead 

From day one, OOVA was designed to go beyond measurement and tracking of daily hormone levels by analyzing the data and offering reliable advice on medical issues that may be affecting a woman’s fertility. We know the value of the technology that we’ve built and plan to apply it in other areas of women’s health, men’s health, and even chronic disease. We are just getting started.

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