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How Yoga Shaped My Journey Through Infertility

05.25.2020 / Heidi Brooks
How Yoga Shaped My Journey Through Infertility
I remember walking into my first fertility yoga class. I was three days into a new, medicated cycle. Having four failed IUIs behind me, I figured "well, I'm willing to try anything!". I did not know then that I REALLY was at the beginning of my infertility journey, that I REALLY was going to be trying anything, and I had no idea how much fertility yoga would end up meaning to me.


The practice of fertility yoga was so calming for me. And not because of all the lavender scented everything, but because I was in a room filled with other women who were going through what I was. We became friends. We talked about doctors, clinics, shots, pills, while we were moving our bodies into this position or that. Our lovely teacher, explained to us why each pose would benefit us physically and mentally. She kept an eye on us, mental tabs on where we were in our cycles, so she could remind us "hey, your are stimulating a whole lot of eggs right now, so let's avoid bending over in that pose". I often felt carried emotionally during my fertility yoga sessions once a week. I needed that, I think anyone going through infertility treatments needs that feeling of support because it can be so very lonely. 

I have two beautiful kids now. 5 iuis, 6 Ivfs. One boy from an FET and one surprise baby girl. After I started my practice, which is centered on Maternal Support at every stage, I realized that I wanted to be that space, that support for others in their fertility journey. I looked for programs for certification in fertility yoga with a focus on Assisted Reproductive Technology. I needed to know everything about what women go through during this time. And boy, did I learn. I learned about poses that promote blood flow to reproductive organs and poses that restrict it. I learned about calming techniques, how to hold space for someone and support their already stretched thin nervous and emotional systems. I learned so much and was able to reflect on my own yoga journey, how beautifully my practice came together because I had been where these women are.

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