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How do you use Oova?

07.06.2021 / Isabella Brown
How do you use Oova?

When Amy Divaraniya, Oova's CEO and Founder, went though her infertility journey, she realized there was no tool that gave women the data they needed to reach their fertility goals. That's why she built Oova- an at-home fertility test that tracks, predicts, and confirms ovulation all in one test. Oova measures luteinizing hormone and progesterone quantitatively. That means a user gets her exact hormone measurements with numerical values every time she uses Oova. To use Oova, follow these simple steps.


1. Get your Oova Kit on our website.

2.  Download our smartphone app. 

When you register for the app, you'll fill out information about your menstrual cycle. From this data, Oova will let you know exactly when to start scanning. 

3. Provide your urine sample. 

When you get a notification to begin your scanning window, grab an Oova test strip. Provide your urine sample, either as a mid-stream or dip test. Set the timer within our app and wait 10 minutes before scanning. 

4. Scan the QR code with your phone camera. 

Every Oova test strip has a unique QR code. Scan this with your phone camera within the app. 

5. Learn your hormone levels, cycle trends, predictions, and personalized recommendations in our app.

After you scan your Oova test, all your data is uploaded into our smartphone app.* Gone are the days of comparing the lines on ovulation tests, or wondering what your results mean. Oova takes out all the guesswork by doing all the interpreting for you. After you scan your QR code, Oova's app shows you your exact hormone measurements, and what they mean in the context of your fertility journey. 

*If you're working with an Oova provider, the same data will be uploaded to our HIPAA compliant clinician dashboard. There, your healthcare provider can see all of your hormone data and cycle trends, and provide recommendations. 

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