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Boost Your Fertility Through Exercise

01.11.2022 / Isabella Brown
Boost Your Fertility Through Exercise

Exercise is an extremely important aspect of our health and wellbeing. Working out helps people to improve their brain health, stay at a healthy weight, reduce the risk of certain diseases, and strengthen our bones and muscles. Exercise is also known to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, as well as improve your sleep quality. 

Fertility is very intertwined with overall health. Living a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise, will help you to boost your fertility and wellness in general.

Movement and fertility     Workout ideas

Movement and fertility: what's the link?

Regular, moderate exercise can help you to increase your chances of conception. Studies show that exercise can reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility. Physical activity can help the body manage blood sugar levels, which keeps insulin at proper levels. Exercise can also help fight inflammation, keep androgens at appropriate levels, and reduce stress

It’s important to keep in mind that too much exercise can impede your fertility. Strenuous workouts, such as aerobic exercise for seven or more hours a week, can increase your risk of problems with ovulation. While vigorous exercise may improve fertility in women who are obese, it can decrease fertility for women who are at their normal weight. Moderate exercise, on the other hand, will not impede on fertility — it can actually help boost chances of conception.


Workout ideas

If you're looking for inspiration on what to try first, here are three at-home workouts.

Lower-body equipment-free workout with a cardio burnout

This workout from SELF will test your endurance all the way through. And then just when you think you’re done, there’s a cardio burnout at the end that’ll give you one last challenge. You can make it easier or harder by tweaking the amount of rest you take between exercises in the circuit.

Intense at-home upper body workout

A 15-minute workout by MadFit that will remind you of every muscle in your arms, chest, back, and shoulders. What better time to tone your arms than when you’re stuck inside?

The ultimate 10-minute full-body home workout

This is an “easy” workout by Runtastic that you can do at home with no equipment at all. Oh, and when we say easy, we mean you will be working your tail off, have sweat dripping into your eyes, and feeling nice and sore tomorrow! The link provides modifications for different fitness levels so pick your poison and give it your all.


Exercise is a great and important activity to have in your regular routine. It has endless health benefits, and improves your mental wellbeing. If you’re struggling with infertility, exercise can not only help you to boost your overall health, but allow you to feel less stressed out and more in control of your fertility journey. 

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