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Getting pregnant shouldn't feel like a lottery

Getting pregnant shouldn't feel like a lottery

That's why we invented the first fertility translator, with lab-quality readings that accurately decode your hormones and give you personalized steps to get pregnant.


How our fertility translator works

More measurements.
More accuracy.
More answers.

More measurements. More accuracy. More answers. 

Urine test captures two hormones—luteinizing hormone and progesterone.
Use the Oova app to scan your results. Oova translates, revealing precise hormone levels with clear explanations.
Receive actionable steps every day that improve your ability to conceive.

Designed by doctors

The only tool doctors trust with their own fertility

Oova was created by doctors who had their own fertility obstacles. Now, in collaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital, Oova ensures every data point is valuable to a clinician, facilitating easy conversations and making the most of every precious day of conception.

Unprecedented personalization

With more accurate technology, Oova really gets to know you

  • Other products measure everyone’s hormones against the same false ideal of a “standard” cycle, reporting oversimplified results.
  • Oova is the first to reinvent the urine strip, unlocking the ability to detect your precise hormone levels for smarter fertility guidance.

Why use Oova

We’re here to turn “trying” into doing

Oova does all the interpreting for you, revealing action plans with every hormone reading. You get wellness guidance, and always know when to have sex—or eat chocolate and tune out.

Get started

Life with oova

Life with oova

Oova helped me understand more about my cycle patterns.
Jenny, 29
Started Oova 3 months ago

From doctors, for doctors

From doctors, for doctors

The ability to accurately measure your hormones in the comfort of your home is revolutionary in this space.
Dr. Theresa H.
PhD, Registered Nurse

Unmatched Technology

Unmatched Technology

The testing experience was seamless and it helped me verify the results I expected.
Marie, 27
Started Oova 2 months ago